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Get Your Yum On…

by Carly Feuerstein on April 17, 2014 · add comment

Hi Friends!

Sorry I have not been writing as often…It has been a busy time and I could bore you with excuses, but I promise I WILL DO BETTER!  Today, I am here to tell you about an awesome event that combines all my favorite loves- FOOD, WINE, and  FRIENDS.  Who loves the combination of tasty food and delicious wine? I know I do!

The Food and Wine Festival is hosted by Junior League of San Diego and will take place on  May 3rd from 1pm-5pm at the La Jolla Cove.

This event will be fun for anyone who loves to try new foods and drinks. There will be more than 50 of San Diego’s best restaurants, wineries, craft breweries and spirit purveyors. If you attend this event, not only will you be enjoying great food and drinks, but you will also be contributing to a great cause. Proceeds from the event  benefit Junior League of San Diego, a local non-profit organization that improves the San Diego community and helps foster children transition out of the foster care system into independent life.

You can purchase tickets at: www.jlsdfoodandwine.com/tickets/

I hope to see you there!

-The Fit Foodie

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Brush yourself off and try again…

by Carly Feuerstein on March 20, 2014 · add comment

Hi Friends!

Hope everyone is having a great week.  Mine has been pretty BLAH!  A few business and personal issues have bogged me down this week.  While in perspective I know they are not catastrophic, I definitely was feeling the anxiety and stress catch up to me.  This is no bueno!  This got me thinking…We all have our patterns of what we do when we are feeling discouraged.  Do you know yours?  While I usually make sure to get in a sweat session most days of the week, this is often the first thing to go when I am down in the dumps.  BIG MISTAKE!  This is what peps me up and gives me my H-A-P-P-Y, so why kick myself when I’m down?  The perfect way to correct this is through my thought journal which I explained HERE.  I would challenge each of you to find those weaknesses within yourself and then address them so you can keep yourself in a productive state of mind instead of spiraling into a negative place.  So it is time to brush myself off and keep on trekking.  I have scheduled some much needed sweat sessions with friends next week and will probably take the kids to the Zoo too (which doubles as fun and a serious workout…a double stroller in a hilly zoo is quite strenuous).

Now…On to the food!  If you follow me on INSTAGRAM , you have seen that I have been experimenting with roasting a whole chicken in either a dutch oven or a slow cooker.  This idea came from one of my genius chef friends (shout out to Lauren!), but I have yet to perfect my version.

IMG_4556The dutch oven version was super juicy, but lacking taste.  The slow cooker version was delicious in flavor, but got a little dried out.  I am going to continue working on making it my very own perfect juicy chicken.  Recipe is in the works 😉  Which leads me to my next tip- The best foodie advice I get is from my closest friends so use your best kept resources on a regular basis.  Some of my friends and I have decided to do a recipe swap where we share our favorite dinner recipes for our growing families.  I’ll let you know what awesome recipes are shared.

Anyway, wishing you all a restful, active and delicious weekend ahead!

Until Next Week,

The Fit Foodie

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Favorite Foods To Keep On Hand

by Carly Feuerstein on March 18, 2014 · 4 Comments

Hi Friends!

Who feels busy?  I do, I do!   Been working hard on getting all details of my business moving and shaking…Check out my latest business card batch…What do you think?!?


I often feel like I’m running on a hamster wheel and then add a little hunger and I am not a happy camper :(  Keeping some healthy snacks ready to go helps keeps my mood in check and my stomach from growling…To keep my nutrition on point there are a few foods that I like to have on hand to help me snack on something healthy when I’m on the go…Here’s a few of my favorite items to keep on hand for those snickety-snack moments:

1.  Cut up celery: perfect when paired with almond butter and raisins (and a hit with the kiddos)

2.  Chopped persian cucumbers: made for dipping with some hummus.  Speaking of hummus- check out THIS awesome hummus inspiration

3.  Hard boiled eggs: good anytime of day

4.  Quinoa: perfect to compliment a main dish meat or creating a yummy salad creation.  I have many quinoa inspirations on my PINTEREST BOARD 

What are some of your favorites?

-The Fit Foodie




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Foodie Friday: Back From Vacay

by Carly Feuerstein on March 14, 2014 · 2 Comments

Hi All!

I have been a very bad blogger…Sorry for not keeping up- was on vacation with my family and decided to focus in on family time.  It was a fabulous family vacation skiing in Deer Valley.  We were active all day long skiing, tubing, sledding, and making snowmen (yep- don’t make fun…as a southern Californian being in the snow was quite novel).

IMG_4441One of my favorite parts of ski vacations include how gratifying a warm meal can be when you have been active all day long.  For our last night in Deer Valley, my brother-in-law and I decided to make a dinner at the house.

We made:

Appetizer: Cheese and Baguette (assembled by me)


Salad: Arugula, Roasted Butternut Squash, Carmelized Onions, and Pine Nuts (made by me)


Main: New York Strip and Rib Eye Steaks (made by my brother-in-law)


Sides: Roasted Truffle Oil Brussel Sprouts (made by me) and my brother-in-law’s famous Pasta with Red Sauce (made by my brother-in-law)


Dessert: Dark Chocolate Fondue and Whipped Cream with Strawberries

It was yummy in my tummy!

While vacation can be a time for exploring new cuisine and splurging on meals, it also can be a time to get active with some fun activities.  This trip included no gym time for me and lots of delicious cuisine, but my days were spent:





-running around with my kiddies

One way or another, get moving and have fun to counter balance splurges of hot cocoa, spiked apple cider, s’mores and  the many other delicious offerings of ski cuisine.  While I did enjoy many splurges while away, I also made sure to eat balanced and healthy meals along the way which are yummy and satisfying too!

What are your favorite travel tips for enjoying meals while keeping your waistline from moving?

In other news, (if you follow me on INSTAGRAM today) I shared that I bought my first ever Le Creuset Dutch Oven.  In the mood for something fresh and simple, I made a dinner inspired by my foodie friend Lauren.


I made:

Whole Roasted Chicken with Sliced Lemon and Herbs

Roasted Onions, Green beans and Carrots


It was tasty and juicy, but still needs some perfecting so I will share as soon as I get it in tip top condition…Wishing you all a healthy and delicious weekend! I promise I will get back to blogging more consistently.

-The Fit Foodie



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Hi Friends!

Hope all is well…This weekend I went away with some of my girlfriends for some rest and relaxation in Palm Desert and we had a blast!  While away from my kiddos, I noticed something…our phones never leave our side.  We all are constantly connected and while this makes it hard to disconnect (and it is necessary to disconnect sometimes) our phones can be a major tool to help keep us on track with any fitness and nutrition related goals.

Here are my five favorite apps that help me stay motivated…AND all of them are free!

photo 51.  Epicurious

All my favorite magazines share their recipes through this one app.  It is the perfect place to find new recipes, manage your shopping list and prepare delicious meals.




photo 42.  Map My Run

This is a favorite of mine for many reasons.  You can easily track your pace, distance, calories, time and much more!  It plays at the same time with your music and allows you to save your past runs.  After your workout, you can also look at your splits to see how you were doing.



photo 23.  Nike Training Club

Want a customized workout without hiring a trainer or heading to the gym?  Nike Training Club is AWESOME!  With tons of options for the different workouts you can get a workout that will leave you sweaty with the use of very little equipment.




photo 34.  My Fitness Pal

A  fast and easy to use calorie counter to track your food and activity.  The only downfall is that the caloric recommendations are often much too low-better to customize with your own goals.  My favorite part is you can use the bar code of any product to enter in its information.



photo 15.  Kitchen Units

Is your recipe in milliliters and you need it in cups?  This is an easy to use app to help you convert units in the kitchen.



Hope you find a use for some of my favorite (and free) apps!

Which are your favorites?

-The Fit Foodie

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Foodie Friday: Chicken Soup For The Soul (And Belly)

by Carly Feuerstein on February 28, 2014 · add comment

Hi Friends!

So I got the craving for some good old fashioned chicken noodle soup so I made my first ever homemade batch.  It was yummy in my tummy and my family loved it too!  Paired with a delicious salad, this soup was our main course…This recipe was adapted from Martha Stewart, but I had some veggies in the house I wanted to use so I made some adjustments.  As well, my son LOVES noodles so I added some in there to get him super excited.  My kids loved this and I ate it for lunch the last two days too!


  • 1/4 cup freshly chopped parsley leaves
  • 2 dried bay leaf
  • 3 sprigs fresh thyme
  • 5 cloves garlic
  • 1 pound baby carrots
  • 1 stalk of celery cut into 1/2-inch pieces
  • 1 (4-pound) chicken, rinsed
  • Coarse salt
  • 1 lb pasta of choice


STEP 1: Put parsley in a tea steep.

STEP 2: In a large pot, combine all ingredients and the chicken, breast-side down. Add enough water to cover; season with salt. Bring to a boil over high heat; reduce to a simmer, and cook, partially covered, until chicken is cooked through, about 45 minutes. Skim any foam that rises to the top and discard.

STEP 3: Remove chicken from pot, and let stand until cool enough to handle. Skim fat from surface of soup, if desired, and discard. Remove and discard parsley stems. Remove meat from bones; discard skin and bones. Shred meat into bite-size pieces, and return to pot. Cook until heated through; season with salt.

STEP 4: 5 minutes before serving put pasta in the pot to soften


Hope you enjoy!

-The Fit Foodie

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Walk The Walk Wednesday: Be Your Own Best Motivator

by Carly Feuerstein on February 26, 2014 · add comment

Hi All!

February is almost over…Whoa- time flies when you are having fun!  I went to the gym yesterday and noticed that with each passing day the gym becomes quieter.  Anyone else seeing that too?

People make jokes about the gym in January…


On a more serious note though, where does that motivation go?  The talk of goals and resolutions slowly leave our everyday chatter and we are back to our regular day to day activities.  I find that clients are often highly motivated when they start something new and then that motivation slowly disappears.

So here’s a few of my favorite tips to stay motivated or find that lost motivation.

1.  Set short AND long term goals

Make goals that can be met every few weeks and every few months.  You’ll constantly have a rewarding feeling around the corner.

2.  Dig deeper to examine why you want to reach your goal

Ask yourself why this goal is important?  How will this impact your life? Keep a running list of how accomplishing this goal or keeping at will make a positive change in your life

3.  Set a plan for success

Make sure to create a realistic and long term plan that will help you work on reaching your goal.

For help accomplishing this, please CONTACT ME

This poem below is a favorite of mine that keeps a fire lit under my behind!

Life Is….
by Mother Teresa

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it.

Have a great week!

-The Fit Foodie

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On The Go Breakfast Ideas

by Carly Feuerstein on February 21, 2014 · 7 Comments

Hi Everyone!

It turns out that eating on the go in the morning was in high demand for many of you so I thought I’d offer some more on the go breakfast ideas from some of my favorite bloggers out there…Also feel free to CHECK OUT my Pinterest Board for some more morning time inspiration.


Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Muffins

Make Ahead Steel Cut Oatmeal 

Egg Muffins

Super Green Smoothie 

Peach Oat Smoothie

Hope you enjoy!  Now you can make sure to get in your first meal of the day…

-The Fit Foodie


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Foodie Friday: Start Your Day With Some Yum

by Carly Feuerstein on February 19, 2014 · add comment

Hi There!

Hope you all had a love filled Valentine’s Day.  Mine was fabulous!  Enjoyed a day full of cupcake and card making with my kiddos and then a night with my hubby.


Brett and I decided to go to a yoga class and then made dinner at home.  We accidentally picked a very advanced yoga class and spent more time laughing at the fact that others were doing handstands while we couldn’t touch our toes.  In any event, we had fun and enjoyed doing something active together.  When we got home, Brett made sous vide chicken.  He is generally not the cook of the house, but it was out of this world delicious.  I will be chatting about the sous vide on here sometime soon!  I made a side of polenta and a salad with roasted butternut squash, caramelized onions and shaved manchego cheese.  Our dinner was a hit!  More than the food or activity, we enjoyed some quality time together which is what I think Valentine’s Day is about.

Anyway…on to some important ways to “walk the walk” in living a healthy lifestyle-How many times have you heard someone say “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”?  While I truly believe all meals are important, Breakfast is often a toughie for some since we are rushing to get to work, get the kids to school, get to an appointment, etc.  I get it!  Planning ahead and having some quickie breakfast ideas in your back pocket is always helpful.  Here’s a few of my favorites that can help make breakfast happen even on our most rushed mornings.

1.  Egg and Avocado Sandwich

Toast 2 slices of Sprouted Ezekiel 100% Whole Grain Bread.  Spread  avocado slices (size of a golf ball) on the toast.  Cook 3 eggs whites in a 1/3 TBSP of EVOO and place on top of avocado toast.  Eat with a 1/2 cup of mixed berries.

2.  Greek Yogurt and Mixed Berry Parfait

3.5 oz nonfat greek yogurt/1 TBSP chopped walnuts/1 cup sliced berries/1 scoop of MRM Rich Vanilla Protein Powder/0.33 cup Low Fat Granola

Mix protein powder with 3.5 oz of plain nonfat greek yogurt.  Put 1/3 of the greek yogurt in a cup, then 1/3 of the granola and 1/3 of the berries. Repeat two more times.

3.  Banana and Almond Butter Sandwich

Toast a whole grain bagel.  Spread 1 TBSP of almond butter.  Slice bananas and place on top.  Serve with a side of cottage cheese for an extra helping of protein (or my favorite is a with a glass of almond milk).

4. Overnight Oats

You can find recipes all over the web for this on the go breakfast.  My favorite combo has 1 cup of steel cut oats, 1 cup of chopped apples, 1 scoop of protein powder and 1 tbsp of chopped walnuts all combined in a jar with some almond milk soaked overnight.

Hope you enjoy these breakfasts on-the-go.

-The Fit Foodie

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Spending Active Time With Your Loved Ones

by Carly Feuerstein on February 11, 2014 · 4 Comments

Hi All!

With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk to you all about our Valentine’s Day traditions.  While neither my husband or I are huge on Valentine’s Day, I will never pass up an opportunity to spread a little extra love to those nearest and dearest to me.  I will admit though that a major pet peeve of mine is restaurants on Valentine’s Day- bad service, packing in too many people, pre-fixe menus are just a few of my Valentine’s Day gripes.  Before you label me as the Valentine’s Day grinch, let me share what we have done in past years to celebrate:

-made  a nice dinner at home

-celebrated on one of the days before or after Valentine’s Day

-planned an activity not typically identified as a romantic



You might be wondering what those might be…My hubby and I love to do active things, but he is usually into golf, tennis, football, soccer- so really anything with a ball that requires some competition.  While none of those get me super excited, we have found a few activities that are active and fun to do together.  This includes indoor rock climbing, boot camp style classes, spinning, riding bikes or a faster paced heated yoga.

This year, instead of sitting at dinner packed in next to a thousand other couples, we will celebrate our love for one another with a fun exercise class and then a very casual dinner (which is often vietnamese Pho noodle soup or the Whole Foods Market).

I would encourage you and your loved one(s) to find some activities that help you get a little sweat on.  Do you enjoy dancing?  Running? Swimming?  Walking?  Yoga? Jumping?  Explore some activities together  to connect around and then finish with some food that feels nourishing.   Couples who sweat together, stay together…Ok I made that up, but I am sure there is some evidence that would support this!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

The Fit Foodie

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