The Fit Foodie: Nutrition Counseling and Weight Management, LLC was established to assist any individual with the desire to reach a healthy weight.  I work with a diverse range of clientele who desire the knowledge to nourish their body and satisfy their taste buds while meeting their nutrition goals.   With a mobile office, I can meet in the comfort of your home, saving you time and allowing us to explore how your environment can be altered to help you meet your goals.  I can also provide my expertise to those outside the San Diego Area through phone and web services.    

While food provides us with nutrients, it is also used to create human connection and memories- celebrations, mourning and religious ritual are often tied to food.    Though our work together, we can explore your current relationship to food, identify what methods have been successful (or not) in the past and help you meet your goals using a variety of evidence based tools.

I am a San Diego Area Registered Dietician Nutritionist with a Masters of Public Health in Health Promotion and Health Education from The University of Southern California.  I am passionate about active living and yummy food!  I love to experience new flavors, celebrate with old favorites and nourish my body with foods that are delicious and nutritious.  I love spending time with my family, entertaining at home, and experimenting with new forms of exercise.   More than anything, I am passionate about food. I love trying new restaurants, new recipes and learning about new cooking techniques. I have an obsession with all kitchen gadgets and have yet to find one that is not useful.   I would love the opportunity to share my passion for food and healthy living.